Saturday, 13 September 2014

Chair for Scene 1- act 1 (NOTEXTURE)

This blog will be dedicated to my work using the unreal engine 4 in cunjunction with blender to create a game ("Project Xeno")

About: i'm a "bedroom" programmer and the only person currently working on the project.

Plot: The game will be loosly derived from the X-files as in you play the role of an 
Government agent searching for ET, however  no plot element's will be taken from the series.

Mechanic's:i hope to impliment a LA noire style crime solving puzzle mehcanic 

Time: The game WILL be set in a period beetween 1995-1999 that's carved in stone.

Apllications: Blender for moddeling/texturing,UE4 for the engine,Gimp for textures.

Release: The game obviously considering it is entering development will take upwards of a year /2 to complete, HOWEVER i have decided to release it stage by stage.

this blog:I'll be posting the following things here 1-concept art 2-in game assets 3- progress 4-character's 5-main plot.